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Pepsi Meme is Awesome

 Introductory Thoughts  At the principal glimpse taking a gander at the can, I could tell this beverage would have a remarkable flavor to it. Taking a gander at it, the can was indistinguishable from a green tea can with Pepsi's words on it. I generally love another pop, and I just needed to attempt it. In the wake of asking the store's clerk what flavor it was (since it wasn't obviously demonstrated on the can itself), she compassionately answered with, "I don't have the foggiest idea, possibly kiwi or something comparative?" Not even the individual selling the beverage could portray its flavor. When opening the can, I saw the soft drink's shading wasn't too green; it was, to a greater extent, a mix of green with earthy colored; practically like salty water of Pepsi meme and funny memes . Taste Review  I should state, I thought the beverage would have been a grievous combination, much like Pepsi's different other weird soft drink tests. While I c